AA-59551 Tinned Copper Buss Wire

Tinned Copper Buss Wire was previously considered Type QQ-W-343, Mil-W-3861, and ASTM-B-33 wire, but it now falls under the Mil-Spec A-A-59551 specification. It is composed of pure electrolytic soft drawn, solid copper, which is properly annealed and tinned for quick soldering. This tinned copper wiring may be used for winding of coils, antennas, point-to-point wiring and for ground wire applications

Blake Part NumberAWGDiameter
Max. Breaking
Max. DC Resistance @ 20°CWeight
BTC-361360.005.785 lbs445 Ohms/1000 ft.076 lbs/1000 ft
BTC-341340.0061.25 lbs280 Ohms/1000 ft.120 lbs./1000 ft
BTC-321320.0081.99 lbs176 Ohms/1000 ft.191 lbs./1000 ft
BTC-301300.010 3.16 lbs111 Ohms/1000 ft.304 lbs./1000 f
BTC-281280.0135.02 lbs68.9 Ohms/1000 ft.484 lbs./1000 ft
BTC-261260.0167.98 lbs43.3 Ohms/1000 ft.769 lbs./1000 ft
BTC-241240.02012.7 lbs27.3 Ohms/10001.22 lbs/1000 f
BTC-221220.02519.4 lbs17.0 Ohms/1000 ft1.95 lbs./1000 ft
BTC-201200.03230.9 lbs10.6 Ohms/1000 ft3.09 lbs/1000 ft
BTC-181180.04049.1 lbs6.64 Ohms/1000 ft4.92 lbs./1000 ft
BTC-161160.05178.1 lbs4.18 Ohms/1000 ft7.82 lbs./1000 ft
BTC-141140.064124 lbs2.63 Ohms/1000 ft12.4 lbs./1000 ft
BTC-121120.081198 lbs1.65 Ohms/1000 ft19.8 lbs./1000 ft
BTC-101100.102314 lbs1.04 Ohms/1000 ft31.4 lbs./1000 ft
BTC-08180.129480 lbs.646 Ohms/1000 ft50.0 lbs./1000 ft
Custom Cable

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ISO standards are maintained by the International Organization for Standardization. AS9100 is a widely adopted and standardized quality management system for the aerospace industry that was released in October 1999, by the Society of Automotive Engineers and the European Association of